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    10 Quick Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

    10 Quick Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

    You might think that your cat doesn't care about you. That's probably because they don't speak English, and can only communicate with their meows! But in reality, cats are very sensitive animals who need love just as much as any other pet does. Here we'll take a look at 10 ways to make your feline friend happy.


    - Give them catnip

    Some cats love catnip, and others are indifferent. But if you've got a cat that loves catnip, this is the best way to make 'em happy! You can buy it fresh at your local pet store, or get it in seed form from Amazon. Either way, just add catnip to the cat's bed, on their favorite scratching post, or even sprinkle some around your home.

    - Take them for fresh air

    Some cats love venturing outdoors and other don't enjoy it at all. But if you have a cat that does like going outside - go ahead! Just make sure they always wear an ID tag and bring all the necessary cat gear. Whenever you go for a walk with your cat, make sure to have a cat carrier on hand (in case they don't want to come back inside).

    - Give them some space

    Cats are known as solitary animals who enjoy their personal time. But that doesn't mean you can always be left out. Give them their space by setting up cat play areas in your home, with toys and cat trees. This will give the cat some time to explore on their own without you having to be there for everything!

    - Get a scratching post

    Cats love natural surfaces where they can scratch (like furniture). But if you want to avoid cat scratches, make sure to buy a scratching post for them. You can find these in stores or on Amazon at an affordable price.

    - Give them treats

    Along with catnip and the occasional fresh air adventure, cats also love their own little treat every now and then! You can give your cat some wet cat food by hand, or get cat treats from Amazon.

    - Give them a toy

    Cats love to play and have fun - so make sure you provide your cat with plenty of toys! Toys will keep their minds busy (and help prevent boredom), while also giving them something to do when they're inside all day long. You can stock up on cat toys from your local pet store, or buy cat toys online.

    - Give them a warm place to sleep

    Cats are cold animals who need all the warmth they can get! That's why it's important to make sure your cat has an indoor bed where they can curl up and stay cozy during those cold winter days. You'll want to buy a cat bed from your local pet store, or get one on Amazon for an affordable price.


    - Give them cat litter

    It's important to keep your cat's litter box clean and free of unpleasant smells. But if you're not home all day, it might be hard to do this on a regular basis. That's why we recommend buying cat litter from Amazon! You can get organic cat litters for an affordable price - plus, you can buy cat litter that's flushable for a cat owner on the go.

    - Give them some pats

    Cats love to get lovin' from their humans, and they'll enjoy it even more if they're not getting enough attention at home! So take some time every day to pet your cat and give them lots of cuddles. Your cat will be just as happy with this alone, and it won't cost you any money!

    - Give them some water

    Cats are thirsty animals who need lots of water to stay healthy. That's why we recommend placing a bowl of fresh water out for your cat every day - in case they don't want to drink cat water from the cat bowl.

    - Give them a treat every day

    Along with catnip and cat treats, you can also give your cat some food - one small piece per day! This will help fill up their stomachs and keep them satisfied until they get their next meal of wet cat food or canned cat

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